Why should i protect my identity?

Identity theft has become an epidemic in America. More than 11 million adults are victimized every year.

Stop Identity Theft
OptOut.com can block access to your personal data and help protect you from identity theft.

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Everyone is at Risk

But we can help you fight back.

OptOut.com will:

  • Help you avoid identity theft
  • Provide a background report ($99 value)
  • Remove you from public web sites
  • Show you how to reduce junk mail
  • Show you how to stop telemarketing calls
  • Explain how personal data is collected
  • Enable you to opt out of people search sites
  • Find what data is available about you online

If your identity is stolen, it could ruin your credit rating, cost you thousands of dollars and force you to spend more than 100 hours attempting to clear your name. The best way to prevent identity theft is to make sure criminals never have access to your personal information.

What We Do

1: We will find your data.
You may be surprised to discover how much information is available about you online. We’ll find it all and show you.

2: We will inform you.
You'll learn how companies obtain your personal information, and what you can do to stop them.

3: We will protect you.
We'll remove your information from popular people search websites, and give you ongoing identity theft protection.

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