Gina Melori
Newspaper Editor

I am always hearing on the news about identity theft but always wondered how I can protect myself from this. OptOut provided me with the information I needed to take control of my identity. Now I feel more secure and take a more proactive measure in preventing people from stealing my Identity.

Brian Stone
Graphic Artist

About a year ago I was the victim of identity theft. I was totally surprised that it happened to me. I always thought I was careful in preventing it from ever happening to me. But with technology constantly changing I realized that these identity thieves were getting smarter. OptOut keeps me updated on the new methods that Identity thieves use.

Anthony Puckett
Bank Teller

I can't tell you the amount of times that I have been told by customers they have been the victim of identity theft. I see first hand how hard it is to get you credit cleared and get back your identity. I swore that this wouldn't happen to me. After subscribing to OptOut I was able to take immediate measures to prevent identity theft from happening to me.

Susan Wong

Being a nurse for elderly patients I am constantly hearing stories on how they have had their identity stolen. Many of them never even knew what identity theft was until it happened to them. After searching many services out there I found that OptOut was clearly the best choice. Not only did they immediately opt me out of several database websites by they gave me some sound tips on how to prevent identity theft from happening to me.

Tom Miller

One day I got a call from my wife telling me we have overdue payments on our credit cards. I knew this was wrong, as our accounts had a zero balance. It was then that I knew we were the victims of identity theft. After weeks of phone calls I was able to get things fixed. I was lucky. Now I have subscribed to so my wife and me can make sure this never happens to us again.

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Why Protect Your Identity?

Millions of Americans have their identities stolen every year. More than half of all identity theft victims discover that their personal information has been used to open new bank and credit card accounts in their name. Most people don’t find out that they were victims of identity theft until months after the fact. By then, the damage is immense.

When your identity is stolen, it can take years to repair your credit and restore your good name. You must do everything possible to protect your private information from identity thieves. Monitor your credit report, shred personal documents, be careful what you post on social networks and get opted out of websites that sell information about you. Preventing identity theft helps you avoid the difficulties of identity recovery.

Identity Theft Statistics
According to the Identity Theft Resource Center:

  • More than 11 million adults were victimized by identity theft in 2009
  • The total loss to Americans from identity theft in 2009 is estimated at $54 billion
  • The number of identity thieves who open fraudulent accounts increases annually.
  • Online identity protection tools help consumers reduce the amount people spend to resolve identity theft will help you avoid identity theft by preventing criminals from finding your personal information online.

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